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Bengals new jerseys may’ve been leaked online

These “New Stripes” weren’t supposed to be seen until April.

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In today’s digital age, secrets are not so easily kept. This applies to potential Ring of Honor installments, and it even applies to new NFL uniforms.

Two of the Cincinnati Bengals’ new uniforms may’ve been leaked on Sunday after Twitter user Tim Rogers posted a picture of the orange and black jerseys via a link from

The Bengals announced they would be getting “New Stripes” back on January 21st, but the reveal was not to be until April. They have not revealed many details about the new threads aside from a couple comments describing a “clean new look.”

These are indeed clean. The stripes on the shoulders resemble the stripes from the previous uniforms, but there’s no more white panels down the side of the jersey, the sleeves are the same color as the jersey, and the numbers have a consistent and non-shadowing outline to them.

And I know what you’re all thinking: How do we know these are the real things?

Well, we don’t. But considering there’s authentic NFL merchandising labels are on them as well as an inscription of “Paul Brown” inside the collars, these appear to be legitimate.

Yes, the black ones appear to be navy. That’s probably a lighting issue from the picture.

Obviously, we’ve yet to see what the white jerseys and any of the pants look like. At least the team will get to reveal those on their own accord, provided there are no more leaks.

For now, what do you think about what appears to be the Bengals’ new black and orange jerseys?