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Patriots trading for Raiders’ Trent Brown; Joe Thuney not getting franchise tag

Good/bad news for the Bengals’ pursuit of offensive linemen.

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

With today being the deadline for NFL teams to use the franchise tag, not to mention the start of free agency coming Sunday, there’s going to be a lot of movement in the coming days with potential offensive linemen for the Cincinnati Bengals to pursue.

Today, the Bengals got some bad news with a possible offensive tackle target. It’s been rumored that the Las Vegas Raiders could trade stalwart tackle Trent Brown, who would be a great addition for the Bengals.

Unfortunately, Brown is going to a different team, as the New England Patriots are trading for the Pro Bowl lineman, according to the NFL Network.

While this takes Brown off the list of potential options for the Bengals, it could help in their pursuit of Patriots guard Joe Thuney, who’s been frequently linked to the Bengals this offseason.

By acquiring Brown and his contract, it should kill any chance there way the Patriots would place the franchise tag on Thuney, who was tagged last year.

Now, Adam Schefter is confirming Thuney won’t get tagged this time around, paving the way for teams like the Bengals to pursue him when free agency opens Sunday.

It’s going to cost a pretty penny for any team to sign Thuney, but at least the Bengals don’t have to worry he’ll be tagged and effectively taken off the market before free agency even begins.