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A Bengals coach reportedly denies that Joe Burrow is lobbying for Ja’Marr Chase

Burrow would still love a reunion with Chase in Cincinnati.

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The question that all Cincinnati Bengals fans want answered is, who are the Bengals expecting to take on NFL Draft night?

Most of the talk has been the potential of Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase reuniting after the two won a National Championship together at LSU.

It was previously reported that Burrow has been “stumping” for the Bengals to draft Chase.

After Chase completed his Pro Day on Wednesday, he spoke with the media and he said he “wouldn’t mind” a reunion with Burrow in Cincinnati.

However, Burrow pushing for the Bengals to draft Chase may not be the case.

According to Trey Wingo of Pro Football Network, a Bengals coach shot down that report.

“You’ve heard a lot this week about Joe Burrow potentially lobbying for Ja’Marr Chase,” Wingo said. “I can tell you that I got a text today from a member of the Bengals coaching staff that said, ‘I’ve seen that out there. Not sure where that came from. That’s not Joe, that’s not how he is at all. He gives us great intel on LSU guys but is respectful of his role as a player and ours as coaches and scouts.’”

Even if Burrow is lobbying for the Bengals to draft Chase, the coaching staff isn’t going to admit that. However, it is possible that he is pushing for them to take Chase and respecting the coaches and front office at the same time.

Regardless of whether Burrow is pushing for a reunion with Chase or not, he would obviously love for it to happen. But we will all have to wait until draft night to see if that is the direction the Bengals go.

The NFL Draft is scheduled to begin on April 29th at 8:00 PM.