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Bengals leak their new uniforms as April Fools’ Day joke

The Bengals are clearly taking their uniforms in a different direction starting in 2021.

The Cincinnati Bengals started April by giving their fans what they’ve been begging for since news broke about the team getting new uniforms for 2021, a sneak peak.

This is obviously just a taste as there are no pants included. We do know that the helmets will remain the same, so they clearly didn’t see the need to include them here. This is a fairly large change as it moves away from the bright orange we as fans have become accustomed to and replaced it with a more realistic dull orange. They must be trying to make a statement by moving closer toward the real thing.

As is the case with any jersey reveal, fans were quick to do some mockups. Here is a quick look at Joe Burrow is his future threads.

What is also surprising is the team has also included celebrities in their plan on leaking this uniform on the first of April.

Now some fans weren’t as pleased about the changes. A few of them even thought they could do better. Here are some examples of some mockups of what could have been.

At the end of the day Cincinnati made a choice to embrace their Bengal stripes with the change. It was the best part of any of their uniforms, and making it the basis for the entire thing may stand the test of time.

The material may need some work. It would be great for those cold December games, but can you imagine the big guys trying to run around in those warm weather games? Outside of that, the Bengals future looks stylish and bright with these new uniforms on the way.

Have a great April Fool’s day everyone.