Last couple days we've seen DL cut, now Sheldon Richardson

Another very interesting DT prospect has been cut, first it was Maurice Hurst who has had flaws in his game but in 2020 started out well until he hit the COVID list. Now today with the release of Sheldon Richardson the Bengals seem to be in a position to possibly address another position of need and it is on the defensive side of the ball which seems to be the theme this off-season.

We've made a few attempts to upgrade the position but we've swung and missed so far. Sheldon Richardson might be our best shot at a guy we know can play and play well. He's consistently graded out over 70PFF and we know exactly what we get. The knock on Richardson from our standpoint he will be 31 by seasons end.

Maurice Hurst cleared waivers and Sheldon Richardson more than likely will clear them as well. So we've all mentioned the Hurst could be a nice addition but now with Richardson available is he a better option at the DT position??

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