Atlanta is getting calls for #4, so what value are you putting on #5??

I'm reading the reports of Atlanta taking in Justin Fields and Trey Lance's recent pro days which should come as no surprise with them sitting at #4. Also seeing where Atlanta is getting calls for the #4 pick which would most likely mean another team jumping up to grab a QB. I do believe Matt Ryan has some 2-3 years left in him and I still believe this pick does get traded.

Currently we have to look at the teams, Denver, Patriots, Chicago and Washington as the teams most in need of a QB upgrade. Atlanta could possibly be on that list as well given they have a new coach and he might want to groom the next QB while Matt Ryan does have the time left.

The real question for everyone is this, there's a real assumption that QBs will go 1-4 leaving only 1 true 1st round graded QB available for about 4 teams to fight over. Not that I actually believe we'll trade that pick because I think they've made up their mind and the pick will be Chase. I've pointed out my reasoning throughout in other topics but I also believe if it's not Chase this team could afford to move down with relative ease and still grab Sewell, Slater or Darrisaw, with reports saying they're locked in they can't move down and still nab Chase.

Hypothetically though if the 1st 4 picks are QBs, teams are going to start calling and trying to climb up to grab the 5th QB in this draft. What type of value would you hold for #5 if Trey Lance or Justin Fields is sitting there as the last QB to go?? Would you make the deal or stick with taking the #1 non-QB in the draft. It's very interesting to be sitting at #5 and have your pick of the litter still and to think so many freaked out when we won a game or 2 at the end.

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