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Joe Burrow has perfect message for his huge scar from ACL surgery

The Bengals franchise quarterback isn’t afraid to show off his scar while simultaneously motivating his teammates.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals fans know they are in good hands with Joe Burrow as the face of the future.

We saw glimpses of it last season when he led the team on the field, but we have seen more of it by the number of veteran players who have commented about how great of a leader he already is.

He showed an example of that mindset that appeals to his teammates when he shared a post (that has since been deleted) on Instagram following Cincinnati’s reveal of their latest jerseys where he showed off his scar from his ACL surgery.

“If I died without scars that just means I did nothing worth fighting for.”

It is that kind of mentality that has teammates, coaches and fans ready to run through a brick wall for their young quarterback. It certainly helps that his recovery seems to be on schedule with him throwing already.

The future of the franchise seems to be in great hands if Burrow continues to keep lighting the fire under this team.