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New Stripes move Bengals up 3 spots in USA Today’s NFL uniform power rankings

Even though the Bengals’ new uniforms were well received by fans, one national writer wasn’t as impressed.

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The New Stripes were well received by fans after they were released on Monday morning.

Mostly everyone, from within the Bengals fanbase and outside it, agree that the change was a long time coming. The most egregious elements were either simplified or updated, while the helmet remained unchanged.

According to USA Today writer Nate Davis, the New Stripes were a solid improvement. He moved the Bengals up three spots from last years’ uniform power rankings.

Davis moved the Bengals from 20th to 17th, so while the new uniforms were an improvement, they are still in the bottom half of the league in Davis’ estimation.

Here’s what Davis said:

The helmet has been a refreshing original since it debuted in 1981. Adding founder Paul Brown’s signature inside the collar is a nifty new touch. However the rest of their appearance has been problematic since 1997, when the team first started monkeying with the stripe patterns on the shoulders and legs. Monday’s step toward a reversion helps, but it will be hard to get legitimately excited until the day when they’re able to sport a white-striped helmet topping their monochrome all-white alternate look.

Obviously, this is an objective ranking. In fact, many teams moved up or down the rankings despite keeping the exact same uniforms. The Saints and the Seahawks switched spots in the updated rankings, even though their uniforms haven’t changed in years. He also dropped the Eagles six spots for no apparent reason.

Davis clearly didn’t see the video of Chad Johnson sitting on the throne and smoking the cigar. If he had, then the Bengals’ new jerseys would shoot up to number one.