Who's the picks? Rounds 3-4-5

We've discussed at nauseum rounds 1-2 and this discussion isn't for anyone beating the table for Chase or Sewell. In this scenario the team has taken either Chase in round 1 and we'll say Leatherwood/ in round 2 or they've gone the other route and gone Sewell round 1 and we'll say Marshall in round 2. So rounds 1 and 2 are played out and this team has gotten a WR and OL and is now heading into rounds 3-4-5 the area where teams are make or break. THIS, this is the area where scouting personnel and coaches earn their stripes and some people might find themselves wondering why am I putting SO much emphasis on rounds 3-4-5 it's all about 1 right, well you wrong, we can hit in round 1 but if we are left holding the empty cookie jar in rounds 3-4-5 this team will go nowhere.

Here's the examples:

2020--Tough to grade at this point

3rd--Logan Wilson--Looks to be a heck of a player I believe

4th--ADG--Not sold on what I've seen and the bone and bone pre-draft should've red flagged him out medically

5th--Khalid Kareem--Saw minimal playing time so I'll leave the book open on him


3rd--G. Pratt--converted Safety in college and still learning to play the game

4th--R. Finely--If I need to explain this to you, you're not a Bengals fan

4th--M. Jordan--Book is still out he's a young one, hopefully Pollack can turn him around

4th--Renell Wren--The guy has spent the vast majority of his playing career on IR


3rd--Sam Hubbard--I think he's good in situational moments but not an every down player

3th--Malik Jefferson--Simply never panned out

4th--Mark Walton--off the team and never contributed

5th--Davonte Harris--Lasted 1 season

5th--Andrew Brown--Waived week 4 of 2020

5th--Darius Phillips--book is still out on this one.

2017--This is where we oh my you'll see

3rd--Jordan Willis--released in 2019 and has bounced around

4th--Carl Lawson--good in rotational moments high energy guy that panned out for a 4th rounder for sure

4th--Josh Malone--released in 2019 signed to Jets practice squad same year

4th--Ryan Glasgow--Placed on IR in 2019 waived in 2020 for failed physical bounced around

5th--Jake Elliott--Solid kicker but we cut him after giving Bullock the job still kicks for the Eagles

5th--J.J Dielman--Waived before the start of the season

I could go on as 2016 was Nick Vigil, Andrew Billings and Christian Westerman but I really hope everyone is getting my point here. This teams success ratio in rounds 3-4-5 in the last few years is absolutely abysmal, from the years 2016-2019 only Sam Hubbard and Renell Wren (IR Each year) are left on the team, now I'll give you Carl Lawson panned out fairly well and we simply let him go so I'll mark him off. Which means 18 picks, minus Lawson, 5 guys are on the team and that's including Wren. None of the Hubbard and Pratt have made the biggest contributions so far. That my friends is one of the biggest reasons why we are what we are and quite frankly until I seen the names and numbers I didn't realize how bad it truly was.

With all of this information given and again rounds 1 and 2 are taken care of and are not up for discussion we've gotten a WR and OL in what order it didn't matter. Who are you taking in rounds 3-4-5 that are going to make this team better, heck that are even going to be on the team in 3 years??

**This is meant to be a challenge as such the parameters can't be changed rounds 1 and 2 are in the books and you're waking up to a new day round 3-4-5 and preparing to pick. 5 players out of 18 picks remain on this team from 2016-2019, Pratt, Jordan, Wren, Hubbard, Phillips not a glowing list. Both WR and OT were addressed player names don't matter in round 1 or 2 or what order.

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