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WATCH: Videos of Joe Burrow throwing surface on social media

It’s been nearly five months since Burrow underwent reconstructive knee surgery.

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Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Tim Tebow is coming back to the NFL?? Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay???? Crazy things are happening right now.

But none of that matters to Bengals fans when Joe Burrow is seen throwing a football again.

Burrow has apparently been working out with quarterback guru Jordan Palmer recently. On Palmer’s and The Togethership’s Instagram stories, there is video of Burrow throwing with a knee brace on.

Soon after the videos hit Twitter, the Bengals released their own recent video of Burrow slinging it inside Paul Brown Stadium. They not so randomly shot it from the waist up.

Burrow has been throwing for quite some time now. He recently passed the halfway mark from his surgery date to Week 1 of the upcoming season, so if he is to be out their for Cincinnati’s first game, he is now entering the second half of his recovery process. That involves throwing the ball more.

The throws Burrow is making right now still don’t seem to involve much pressure on his left knee. He’s not rolling out and making throws on the run yet, but he seems he’s progressing just fine for right now.

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