It's time to address the elephant in the room, Atlanta

Now that the trade has happened with Sam Darnold, rest assured the top 3 picks in this draft will be QBs, in what order after Lawrence who knows. So this brings us to Atlanta being on the clock and what they might do with this pick, a team that has a lot of needs but QB, which many have said they'll go, isn't one of them when you look at Matt Ryan's stats for the season. Keeping in mind Julio only played in 9 games I believe it was Ryan had 4,600 yards 26 tds and 11 ints a far cry from a team in search of a QB.

So here's the question what will Atlanta do at #4?? I've seen posting where they're now on board with trying to trade down and my guess would be they're trying to cash in on the team looking for the #4 QB in this class. So we have to assume given this that Atlanta isn't picking a QB. They had 3 solid Wrs with quality stats last season so I have to think that rules at a WR. Defense was a struggle on all levels, would a guy like Parsons make sense here or would they even pull off the surprise pick and take the #1 CB listed Surtain or Fraley?? Atlanta could also be the prime landing spot for Sewell or possibly Pitts has been mocked here as well, the TE position was decent for them last season so I don't know if they'd go that route.

Atlanta is still probably going to have to draft a RB and with that comes the ability to help up front for me I'm looking at Atlanta and thinking they're most likely to trade down given everyone knows QBs go 1-2-3 now. However let's assume Atanta doesn't trade down who's the pick?? I think Atlanta can still get a darn good CB in the 2nd with as early as they're picking. Fraley is on another level, but I think Atlanta has to be looking at Parsons, Sewell and possibly Pitts.

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