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Twitter reactions to Bengals finalizing 2021 draft

Twitter gives this year’s class a thumbs up.

Tennessee Titans v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

A deal to trade eight picks back in the second round gave the Cincinnati Bengals a slightly busier Saturday afternoon to close their 2021 NFL Draft. Cincinnati finished with 10 picks in total, including the draft’s first wide receiver off the board, the first kicker off the board, a running back, and SEVEN offensive and defensive linemen.

It was a much-needed weekend for them. The Bengals could not afford to enter the 2021 season without seriously bolstering their trench groups. The offensive line got three players who are all very different in terms of where they project to play, and the defensive line added three edge rushers and one of the biggest nose tackles to come out of college in a while.

Such a direction generated mostly positive buzz about the Bengals’ draft class as a whole. Once Team Chase and Team Sewell merged back into a collective fan base united. Here’s how Twitter reacted to the Bengals’ draft.

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