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The Cincinnati Bengals’ schedule is among the easiest for traveling

The Bengals may not have an easy schedule, but at least they won’t have to travel as long as some.

Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals schedule was revealed recently, and it’s far from easy. The team will take on each of their divisional opponents twice. That already starts them off against three playoff-caliber teams that all arguably improved this offseason.

On top of that, they’ll take on teams like Kansas City and Los Angeles. The Packers are also on their list of non-divisional opponents. There will be some winnable games on their schedule as well.

With teams like Detroit and Chicago, the Bengals should be able to find some success this season.

That said, their season does get a bit easier when you realize how little they’ll have to travel, with many of the teams from the West Coast visiting Paul Brown Stadium this season. ESPN’s Brian Burke noted that the Bengals rank fourth in terms of net travel miles.

When you look at their schedule, it makes sense that they’d rank in the bottom five, especially considering their divisional opponents are both within a nine-hour drive.

They do play teams like Kansas City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Green Bay; however, all four of those games are at home.

Yes, Bengals fans, we’ll get to see Patrick Mahomes taking on Joe Burrow in the Queen City.

The only two distant games in terms of travel will be against the Broncos and Raiders. Those both come in the latter half of the season. Thankfully, the Broncos and Raiders both may miss the playoffs, so the Bengals' long-distance games may come against easier opponents.

With rookie minicamp already having started up, the season is continuing to near. August 14 is the first preseason game on the schedule, so it’s almost time to get excited about Bengals football!