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Greg Jennings thinks Joe Burrow will bring top free agents to Bengals

Former Pro Bowl wide receiver and current Fox Sports analyst Greg Jennings thinks top free agents will want to play with Joe Burrow.

Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

The Bengals have had their most active offseason periods in back-to-back years.

Between the last two free agency spending sprees and NFL Draft classes, Duke Tobin and Zac Taylor have rebuilt almost their entire team, specifically on the defensive side of the ball. The Bengals’ defense in 2018 was one of the worst in the league, but the only starter from that defense that will start in 2021 is Jessie Bates III.

Former Pro Bowl wide receiver and current Fox Sports analyst Greg Jennings says that more free agents are coming to Cincinnati, thanks to Joe Burrow.

“The Cincinnati Bengals with acquiring Joe Burrow as their pick last season,” he said on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, “they’re going to attract so many guys now because we all see the potential in Joe Burrow. He has nowhere near Aaron’s level as far as his resume, but we see something there and that’s going to attract you. When you have a piece at that position that is so very important and valuable—that can be the determining factor of whether a free agent comes or he goes and turns around and goes the other way.”

The Bengals are already seeing this happen, after signing players like Trey Hendrickson, Riley Reiff, and Mike Hilton this past offseason.

But according to Jennings, there’s more to come.

Eventually, Taylor and Burrow will have to start putting up wins to keep the momentum going. The vision of the team is strong, and that’s what has attracted more veterans in two years than what seems like the previous 50 years combined for the franchise.

If the Bengals can make the playoffs this year, then that will only sweeten the pot for free agents. Having a franchise quarterback like Burrow leading a play-off bound team is going to be hard to pass up.