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Twitter reactions to list of Bengals Ring of Honor nominees

Here’s how Twitter responded to hearing who was nominated for the Bengals’ inaugural Ring of Honor class.

Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Part II of the Cincinnati Bengals Ring of Honor induction is now under way.

When the Bengals announced the new Ring of Honor, they added two inaugural inductees: Paul Brown and Anthony Muñoz.

Brown, the founder of the franchise and the first head coach was obvious, as was Muñoz, one of the best tackles to ever play the game.

The Bengals will add two more to the inaugural class. Season ticket holder will have the chance to vote on two from a list of nominees that they just released on Monday Morning.

Reactions from the media

The two favorites

Of course, two names kept popping up—well, one name actually: Ken.

Ken Anderson and Ken Riley have been the frontrunners since the Ring of Honor was announced. Anderson, the former NFL MVP, led the Bengals to their first Super Bowl appearance. Riley, though he retired in 1983, is still fifth all-time in interceptions.

Riley’s snub for not only the Hall of Fame, but an In Memoriam mention at the 2020 NFL honors is likely the catalyst for the Ring of Honor, so it’s only fitting that he be in the inaugural class.


There was only one negative reaction to the recent Ring of Honor news. Honestly, it might be a fair criticism.

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