Season Prediction and why

Hi all, finally able to get back on here had many personal things to deal with.

My prediction is 14 wins .... Yep still ever the optimist lol

As to why, never seen an off season like this one it started in January and just kept on rolling growing with each and every move from Coach's to Player's. Releasing both AJ and Geno was bold in itself. Only time will tell if it was the right move. With the drafting of Chase and the new look Higgins and Boyd we could see a trio of WR's to rival any of our past great WR's. It's only on paper for now yet the voluntary camp showed us how promising they could be in the near future.

Getting Pollock back was a good move and should help greatly to improve the OL along with the new additions.

Mixon, enough said.

Moving to Defence. The new additions along with our 2md and 3rd year player's should be a good step up on the last two years. Bates is like Mixon, enough said. Getting player's back who missed most of last season should also make a difference for the better. It'll be exciting to see how this new group comes along compared to the Atkins/Dunlap days.

Have to cut short, got to go work yet this season as said many times before we will surprise everyone I feel.


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