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Zac Taylor: “It's the same old Joe”

Zac Taylor says that Joe Burrow looks better every day now.

NFL: Cincinnati Benglas OTA Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

The fact that Joe Burrow is even throwing at OTAs is amazing.

Only six months removed from reconstructive knee surgery, Burrow is, by his own estimation, eighty five percent of the way through his recovery.

Zac Taylor is impressed with how far Burrow has progressed as well. He even let Burrow throw some deep balls at the end of practice to help get his knee back in shape.

“He looks better every single day I see him,” Taylor said after practice on Tuesday. “There’s a little more movement there. But certainly the distance stuff is something that’s not off limits for him right now. I know he’s just trying to get re-acquainted with some of these receivers and get some extra throws in and that’s been good to see.”

A video circulated on Twitter of Burrow throwing from the 40-yard line at the end of practice on Tuesday. In this video, Burrow’s pass went well beyond the back of the end zone, making the throw about a 65-yarder.

“He looks good throwing the football,” said Taylor. “Just watching him throw the football, it’s the same old Joe.”

According to Ben Baby, these throws on Tuesday are the longest that Burrow has been able to throw this offseason.

As Burrow’s deep ball improves, the Cincinnati Bengals are preparing Ja’Marr Chase to help take advantage of his arm strength. Having that deep threat could be enough to help this team turn the corner in the 2021 season.