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Jonah Williams heaps praise on Frank Pollack

The changing of the guard is expected to instantly boost the Bengals’ much-maligned offensive line.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals effectively started preparing for the 2021 season after quarterback Joe Burrow went down with a torn ACL in the team’s Week 11 matchup against Washington, at least in regards to the offensive line.

Sadly, Burrow being hit wasn’t a rarity.

He went out 10 games into the Bengals season and was still top 10 in sacks taken. While the offensive line was banged up throughout the season, offensive line coach Jim Turner didn’t help the cause.

Turner is now with Texas State University.

Earlier in the offseason, the Bengals chose to bring in Frank Pollack, who previously led a more respectable o-line for the organization back in 2018. The Bengals had as many combined wins in 2019 and 2020 as they did in 2018, and the line certainly played a major part in their success.

Turner replaced Pollack for two years while the current line coach took his talent to New York, coaching for the Jets.

Pollack is back, and Jonah Williams already is noticing the differences in their coaching styles.

“That’s what he hangs his hat on and what we need to hang our hat on. Instead of just saying, ‘This is what you do, this is what it’s called,’ it’s ‘This is exactly what your right hand does, this is exactly what your left hand does, your right foot. Everything is exact. I think that’s good because you can keep on drilling it and then when it comes to game time, it just happens,” Williams told’s Geoff Hobson.

Pollack gets it, and the Bengals made sure he has the personnel to work with as well. Cincinnati reloaded their line this offseason as well. They drafted three linemen including Jackson Carman, the team’s second-round pick from the University of Clemson.

With Jonah Williams looking lean and impressive after missing six games last season, Cincinnati should be able to get back to that 2018 level that Pollack had them playing that. It’s easy to see why that is as Pollack clearly gets it and understands how to improve lineman.