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Praise for Tee Higgins keeps coming in

Tee Higgins expects to take a huge jump in Year 2.

NFL: Cincinnati Benglas OTA Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

Praise for Tee Higgins keeps coming in this offseason.

Last season, he approached several Cincinnati Bengals rookie receiving records and likely would have broken them if Joe Burrow had been throwing to him all year. Since then, Higgins has put in a lot of work this offseason, and it shows.

Tyler Boyd has already noticed a change in the young receiver.

“(Higgins) looks like a completely different player than last year,” Boyd said earlier this week. “He’s starting to develop into a good route runner. He’s striding out. He’s starting to become a whole different player in terms of getting better in each area. Catching, running routes and running after the catch. I think this year he’ll make a lot more plays after the catch. That will be the biggest improvement in his game.”

C.J. Uzomah also heaped on the praise. One of the livelier players on the roster, Uzomah’s praise of Higgins in this weeks’ press conference reflected the tight end’s personality.

“Looking at Tee now. I’m like ‘Dude, you are a monster right now. You fit the mold of what you should be, and you’re going out and doing what you need to do,’” Uzomah said.

Higgins spent time training with EliteU this offseason, and his trainer, Rube Oliver, has praise as well, according to AllBengals.

“Tee had almost a thousand yards in his first year, that’s tough to do as a rookie”, said Oliver. “To do it with no preseason and no level of opportunity, because the learning curve from college to pro is so different. The level of success that he’s had I’m really excited for this young man.”

One focus for Higgins was gaining explosiveness. This will help him with his route running and yards after the catch that Boyd highlighted.

“He can gain weight really, really fast and we didn’t want to do that because he was good at the weight he was,” Oliver said. “Being able to generate more force, and be more explosive at the weight he was already comfortable at being at that was on our part, probably the most intricate part.

One way or another, Higgins is going to liven up the Bengals’ locker room. Whether he’s on the field or in the locker room, he add that special something to this Bengals roster.

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