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ICYMI: Tee Higgins trained with Jalen Ramsey

The second-year Bengals receiver decided he can learn something from A.J. Green’s nemesis.

Cincinnati Bengals Mandatory Minicamp Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Tee Higgins has made headlines a few times already this offseason. Don’t worry, it was all good news. He’s lost weight, gotten faster, somehow gotten stronger as well, and impressed coaches and quarterback Joe Burrow with his development.

Most recently, on July 8, Higgins was shown working out with arguably the best cornerback in the game, the Los Angeles Rams’ Jalen Ramsey.

Ramsey, of course, provoked one of the quietest and composed premier receivers the game has ever seen back in the second quarter of a game between Cincinnati and the Jacksonville Jaguars on November 5, 2017. Ramsey and A.J. Green had been going at it the entire game. Then, after a play was blown dead, Ramsey shoved Green unnecessarily. The Bengals receiver had had enough, so he wrapped his arm around the pesky corner and took him down to the ground. He then proceeded to punch his helmet. Thankfully, Green’s hand was not injured in the fight.

How did we get here?

Wait, now Ramsey and a Bengals receiver are helping one another? Well, the connection between Higgins and Ramsey is that they, like Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Casey Hayward, who is also in the photo below, share the same agent, David Mulugheta. He is the one who posted the image on Instagram.

What this means

Higgins made the right decision. Green is no longer on the team, and even if he were, he’d be all about his successor doing what’s needed to take the next step. Higgins, of course, looked up to Green as a kid and modeled his game after him. While Green is now with the Arizona Cardinals, he is likely rooting for Higgins to succeed.

By practicing against a man our John Sheeran calls “the best press corner, and probably best all-around corner,” the second year receiver, who is still growing into his body and learning who he is, can gain a lot. “There’s no one better to practice against than Jalen Ramsey in terms of beating one-on-one coverage,” said Sheeran. “He’s incredibly physical. It’s impossible to get off the line with him. And I think Tee needs improvement in that area, getting off the line and getting a release.”

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