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NFL Network will have live broadcast of Bengals vs. Washington Football Team preseason game

Will Joe Burrow actually play in this pseudo revenge game?

Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The NFL Network has announced its full TV coverage for the 2021 preseason, which will include one Cincinnati Bengals game. That will come Friday, August 20th at 8 pm ET vs. the Washington Football Team.

The obvious storyline here is Washington was the team Joe Burrow suffered his season-ending knee injury against during his rookie campaign. Of course, there’s no guarantee Burrow will play in this game as the Bengals ease him back to full-contact football in a live game setting. We may not see him at all in the preseason, though he’s expected to be ready for Day 1 of training camp, which begins next week.

This will be the only Bengals preseason game broadcast live on the NFL Network, though there will obviously be replays of all three preseason games on the network at some point.

NFL Network’s 2021 Live Preseason Schedule

Week 1

Thursday, August 12

7:30 PM ET – Washington Football Team vs. New England Patriots

Friday, August 13

7:00 PM ET Buffalo Bills vs. Detroit Lions

10:00 PM ET Dallas Cowboys vs. Arizona Cardinals

Saturday, August 14

1:00 PM ET Miami Dolphins vs. Chicago Bears

4:00 PM ET Denver Broncos vs. Minnesota Vikings

7:00 PM ET Cleveland Browns vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

10:00 PM ET Los Angeles Chargers vs. Los Angeles Rams

Sunday, August 15

1:00 PM ET Carolina Panthers vs. Indianapolis Colts

Week 2

Thursday, August 19

7:30 PM ET – New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Friday, August 20

8:00 PM ET – Cincinnati Bengals vs. Washington Football Team

Saturday, August 21

1:00 PM ET – Buffalo Bills vs. Chicago Bears

4:25 PM ET New York Jets vs. Green Bay Packers

7:30 PM ET – Detroit Lions vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

10:00 PM ET Las Vegas Raiders vs. Los Angeles Rams

Sunday, August 22

1:00 PM ET New York Giants vs. Cleveland Browns

7:30 PM ET San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Week 3

Friday, August 27

8:00 PM ET – Minnesota Vikings vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Saturday, August 28

1:00 PM ET – Green Bay Packers vs. Buffalo Bills

7:00 PM ET – Chicago Bears vs. Tennessee Titans

10:00 PM ET – Los Angeles Chargers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Sunday, August 29

1:00 PM ET – Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Dallas Cowboys

4:00 PM ET – Las Vegas Raiders vs. San Francisco 49ers

6:00 PM ET – New England Patriots vs. New York Giants

*Live games on NFL Network will be blacked out in the participating teams’ over-the-air station markets.