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Chalk Talk: Are the Bengals a 10-win team?

With guest Malik Wright.

Something is different about the Cincinnati Bengals this offseason, and I’m not the only one who is picking up on it.

After weeks of biting my tongue, I finally came out and said it on June 15th. The Bengals will put double digits in the win column in 2021.

A few weeks later, notable Bengals soothsayer and the GIF-master-general of sports media, Malik Wright, said the same thing.

Although we are both active members of the Bengals’ online community, Malik and I are very different. Our takes come from very different places. To put it briefly: Malik has connections, and I rely on film.

So how did we reach the same conclusion and make the same bold prediction for the Bengals in 2021?

There is only one way to find out.

Join Malik Wright and me LIVE on the OBI YouTube channel or Cincy Jungle’s YouTube page at 6:00 Eastern as we discuss our predictions and take listener questions.