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Bengals fans drink the most during games, survey says

According to a survey, Bengals fans lead the league in beers per game.

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals fans drink, according to data.

According to a survey done by, Bengals fans drink 5.2 beers per game. The Bengals fanbase is the only one around the NFL that is above the five beers per game threshold.

Haters will be quick to point out that the Bengals have had several straight losing seasons, which must be the cause for consumption. However, teams two and three on the list, the Ravens and the Bills, met in the divisional round of the playoffs in 2020. So a team’s lack of success on the field is not a clear indicator that a team’s fanbase will drink.

It’s no surprise that Bengals fans like to drink beer, given the popularity of the beverage around Cincinnati. After all, the Bengals’ cheer “Who Dey” comes from Hudelpohl, a local brewery.

Interestingly, the Bengals’ fan base was also found to be the third-most “lightweight.” 63 percent of Bengals fans surveyed said they were likely to miss some or all of a game due to drinking.

The Bengals’ are also among the fanbases that get the most bang for their buck. Bengals fans only spend $43.08 per game on alcohol. That the least among fanbases that drink the most beers per game. That is more than $4 less than the Patriots fanbase spends, but New Englanders only drink 3.0 beers per game.

So Bengals fans, raise your Rhinegeists, MadTrees, and your Braxtons. Here’s to another season of Bengals’ football. Let’s hope these drinks are for celebration. Cheers and Who Dey!