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As Joe Burrow pushes to play in preseason, he’s doing extra by running meetings

QB1 is ready to rock.

Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Think Joe Burrow is ready to get back on the field? He wants in on preseason action, but he’s finding other ways to put in the work.

In a year, not many starting quarterbacks have taken a preseason snap, Burrow who missed the second half of his rookie 2020 season after suffering a torn ACL among several knee injuries, told the media he hopes to see some action in preseason games.

Burrow will not play Friday when the Bengals take on the Washington Football team, but he is lobbying to see the field when the team takes on the Miami Dolphins in the preseason finale on August 29.

“I’ve been lobbying. Just saying what plays I might like against Miami, third downs, first couple plays. Just throw some plays out there and put them in their [the coaches] head,” Burrow said. “I think it [playing] would help, however many plays I would get I think it would help.”

While Burrow isn’t seeing playing time, he is spending time running the offensive room. A report from The Ringer’s Kevin Clark had this glowing review of Burrow.

“The coaching staff has been letting Burrow run some of the offensive meetings with skill players. ‘So it’s ‘Hey Ja’Marr, I don’t see this, I don’t like the way you ran that, I need you to run it at this depth and this angle so I know exactly when you’re going to come out.’ So him having those conversations of what he expects is far more powerful than any conversation I’m going to have in front of them. The more ownership we can give Joe the better.’”

Think he’s ready to go?