Proposed Rule Change… for the ‘D’!

Everyone loves seeing scoring, but can we reward the defense for good play?

How many times have we seen the defense rise up deep in their own territory and cause a turnover on downs, int, strip-sack or fumble, only to have the offense start inside their own 10-yard line? This puts the offense in a compromising position and could quickly flip the field position to favoring the team that turned it over. A conservative, quick 3-and-out by the O and the D is right back out there defending in their own end.

I propose we reward, (at least not punish), the Defense / Team that creates the turnover. If that turnover / recovery occurs inside of the 25-yard line, the ball is placed on the 25-yard line to start the drive. Couple side notes;

  • you can still choose to return a fumble or int, but if you do so and get tackled inside the 25, then you start where you were tackled.
  • changes the thinking on 4th and goal from inside the 5. Now if you don’t make it, ball goes to 25 instead of pinning their offense deep.
  • now when that defender makes that spectacular int and his downfield momentum carries him out of bounds inside the 5… the team is properly rewarded.
Just a couple thoughts while waiting for Sunday. Yay? Nay? Don’t care? Tweaks?

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