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“Why not us?” C.J. Uzomah says when talked about the Bengals Super Bowl odds

The Bengals’ veteran tight end isn’t ruling out a Super Bowl for 2021.

Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals have been putting in work this offseason.

Both on the field with their practicing and via the draft and free agency, the Bengals have improved since last season. However, most are tempering expectations for the team currently in one of the most challenging divisions in the NFL.

Tight end C.J. Uzomah is one not looking to put limits on this team, saying that there’s no reason this team shouldn’t be able to win a Super Bowl. It’s a bold statement from the veteran entering his seventh season in the NFL, all six so far with the Bengals.

No one is going to tell Uzomah that he is wrong. Yet, at the same time, few are going to back him on this take. The Bengals have won a combined six games the past two seasons, so a Super Bowl run would be incredible.

With No. 5 overall pick Ja’Marr Chase looking every bit of the most talented receiver in the draft, the Bengals now have the deep threat that could take their offense to the next level. An improved line and the second-year Tee Higgins along with a healthy Joe Mixon will help as well.

That said, Uzomah will actually have a big-time role on this roster as the starting tight end. He finished last season with just 87 yards, playing in a mere two games. He was targeted just 11 times before missing the bulk of the season.

Uzomah has yet to top 500 receiving yards in a season, so getting to that next level for him personally will be a big deal as well. For the tight end, he’s been building this team up, a personality clearly seen at the Bengals' open practice.

While it’s great to see, expectations should be tempered for the team this season.