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Mike Brown steps down from NFL owners committee

Another sign Mike Brown has taken a step back from traditional owner duties.

NFL: Cincinnati Benglas OTA Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in over 30 years, Cincinnati Bengals president Mike Brown will not be a part of the NFL owners committee that negotiates with the NFL Players Association.

Per Sports Business Journal’s Ben Fischer, Brown stepped down from the committee himself.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had this to say about Brown in his memo:

“Throughout his service on the CEC, Mike has been a strong advocate for measures that preserve competitive balance, ensure that clubs can be successful in both large and small markets, and that protect the quality of the game. His advice has been invaluable to me, to his fellow committee members, and to the management council staff. Our successful CBAs reflect his commitment, time and deeply thoughtful approach to complex issues.”

Replacing Brown on the committee is Arizona Cardinals owner Michael Bidwell. The seven other positions will not undergo turnover.

Brown and the committee negotiated a new Collective Bargaining Agreement with the NFLPA last year, and it’ll be another decade before they’ll renegotiate. COVID-19 has also given the owners committee plenty to discuss with the league’s union for players. Just this week they agreed on vaccinated players getting tested once a week instead of once every two weeks.

This feels like another indication that Brown has taken a step back from traditional owner duties. His daughter—executive vice president Katie Blackburn—seems to have assumed most of his responsibilities, but he’s still the president and owner of the franchise.