What replaces a bulletin board?

It’s 2021, no one reads paper things, much less an average roster age that grew up on war, banking crashes, and Mike Zuckerface inundation.

This is the year that I want to believe. In years past, I still watched all the games but was never under the guise that there was anything salvageable over the last six years. Occasional wins against good teams only made my heart break slower.

Yeah yeah we all know and have talked ad nauseam about the offense of line, the ability to stop the run, will this defensive free agent spending spree yield any results, Zaki Taylor, Lou, Sewell v Chase, etc

it’s only when the Bengals have a mediocre to decent season that they usually follow that all up with absolute h@rseshït. No one is picking us to do anything except lose a whole bunch o’ games, possibly fire the HC, and get our prized quarterback destroyed.

I’ve worked over the last year and half burying people weekly. Need some new hope to hope on


11 wins and an end to the playoff drought.


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