I love Fantasy Football, have been playing for years and typically finish in the top three of whatever league I am in. For the past few years I have only played in one league and its a keeper/dynasty league. For years my Team name was BurfictSeason. We changed formats from Yahoo to Sleeper this year and so I changed my name to BuByCHiMi

Bu - Burrow

By - Boyd

CH - Chase

Hi - Higgins

Mi - Mixon

I was hoping to land Burrow as my back up, plus Mixon and one of our receivers. Unfortunately, I was only able to get Mixon, which is fine since he was my top pick out of all of them. Here is my team, I am pretty happy with it despite Elliot having a really bad game against Tampa. I don't think that will last.

Keepers: Rnd 1 - Ezekiel Elliot, Rnd 7 - Calvin Ridley, Rnd 8 - Austin Ekeler

QB - Kyler Murray, Jalen Hurts (Missed Burrow by 1 pick)

RB - Ezekiel Elliot, Joe Mixon, Austin Ekeler, Mike Davis, Damion Harris

WR - Calvin Ridley, Keenen Allen, Julio Jones, Courtland Sutton, Jaylen Waddle (Really wanted Higgins but no go)

TE - Robert Tonyan - Definitely the weakest part of my team. Missed Waller by one pick!

K - Evan McPherson - Really hope he delivers for us and my fantasy team

DF - Buffalo - Not bad, but not great

Edit: Dropped Courtland Sutton for Ty'son Williams

Overall I am pretty pleased with my team. As anyone knows who plays FF, your draft is only half the battle I win most years because I am typically on top of injuries and looking to stash RBs when I can, they often get injured(See Ravens).

Anyway feel free to post your teams and your thoughts on my draft. Good luck to everyone playing FF this year!

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