The importance of Evan McPherson

Did the team play great today on both sides of the ball? Absolutely. And I’m extremely happy for the W. But…you look at games like that the past few years and you start to think, "how did we lose ANOTHER close game?" And you start to think about the offensive mistakes or defensive issues or w.e.

But sometimes it comes down to ST as the catalyst to the loss.

So we look at this game where we finally get a win in a close one and what is a big difference? Evan

Now I can only go off of Randy Bullock because he was our kicker for years. But without Evan’s 53 yarder, we lose this game. Period. A kick Randy PROBABLY would’ve missed or we just punt away with no points.

Having a kicker who can hit 50+ yarders with confidence and consistency is such an overlooked and important skill and most, if not all playoff teams have one.

If Evan can stay consistent like he is now, we’ll win sooo many more games this year.

Its going to be great to know that once we pass the 50 every drive we have a chance to AT LEAST get three points. Something us bengals fans haven’t had the luxury of in a very very long time.

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