Optimism for the D and SP/T

On a positive note, I thought our defense looked to be much improved. The Vikings have a very imposing trio of Cook, Jefferson and Thielen. I thought we did a great job containing Cook from any explosive runs. Held the Vikings to 3.0 yards per rush, I'll take that all day.

I think the new additions particularly played well. Chido looks to have filled in nicely for WJ3. Ogunjobi looks to be a steal in FA. And the recently acquired BJ Hill had 2 sacks! I think it's fair to say we won that trade. Also, great to see Reader back! That dude is solid. Thielen's TD's were against Apple (who slipped) and Hilton. I'm hoping we can get a healthy Waynes back soon to solidify that 2nd corner spot.

McPherson seems to be worthy of the draft capital invested in him. I think we finally have a kicker we can be confident in!

I hate bringing up the debatable 4th down call which resulted in giving the ball back on our own 30. Won't get into the call itself, but I think it's entirely reasonable to believe we could have held the Vikings to 14-20 points had we punted/converted.

Don't think this unit will wind up in the top 10, but I'm confident we can outscore teams with this defense not being a complete liability like it was last year. WHO DEY

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