Next Gen Stats - Bengals fastest ball carrier vs Vikings

During week 1 Joe Mixon was able to reach the 6th highest speed out of all ball carriers in the NFL. He was clocked at a blistering 20.66 mph and it took him less than 19 yards to get there. The 5 other ball carriers that clocked a higher speed than him averaged over double the run yards on their fastest play. It would be interesting to see what Mixon could reach on say a 70 yard run like Melvin Gordan had that made him week 1's fastest running back (21.52 mph). Out of Joe's 6 games last year he failed to clock any speed high enough to be registered on next gen stats (minimum of around 19.5 mph) I've never seen Mixon labeled as a speed guy but maybe this is the year to change that. Heres to some big Mixon runs this Sunday, cheers!

EDIT*** I realize there is a next gen video online that shows Mixon being the 4th fastest ball carrier this week but they have since updated their stats AFTER posting that video. Who Dey

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