Vanquishing the Ginger

This Sunday will tell us a ton about our beloved Bengals. Ironically this is Andy Dalton's last ride. His seat is hotter than the heatmiser himself. Andy may be the last in a long line of fantastic red-headed supreme athletes. Sonny Jorgenson, Boris Becker, and Shawn White to name a few. The red rifle is coming to town for his last stand. He might need the magic of Kris Kringle himself to survive another loss with the rookie waiting in the wings. He can't have any of his Opie Taylor ( no son of Zak) Golly gee Pa, Aunt Bee told me to take the sack and she would wash my britches again moments. This is his last chance to start in the NFL.

We need to win this game. We have to. If we are going to have a winning season we have got to crush the red weasel and go to the Squeelers next week at 2-0. Sorry to any of the fanboys still in existence who are still waiting on all those draft picks for AD, but we must put him out of his and the Bears fans misery, and vanquish the ginger.

Sorry to Prince Harry, I omitted his Polo prowess.

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