Weekly fire Zac Taylor thread…

It’s been a while since I posted about this. But here we are again.

FIRE ZAC TAYLOR. Idc if you want to blame the line or Joe or w.e. Zac Taylor is 0-19 when trailing in the 4th quarter. 0-19!!! And what’s crazy is, we shouldn’t have even been in this position against the bears to begin with. They had ONE good drive in the first half. Zac went run-run-pass every. Single. Drive.

You’re worried about Joe getting hurt? Think about it. It’s 3rd and 7 after two trash running plays. Zac goes EMPTY. So that means we have one on one blocking against two of the better pass rushers in the nfl.


You wanna limit good pass rushers? You run misdirection, you run screens, you MIX UP THE PLAY CALLING.

The bears had less than 190 yards of offense. And had ONE good drive the whole game and we STILL LOST.

We have THREE PROLIFIC RECEIVERS, ONE OF THE BEST YOUNG QB’s and A TOP 10 RUNNING BACK and we can’t score more than 17 points against a team with BASICALLY ZERO DB’s?!

Zac is trash. He’s bad. We’re going to continue to lose games with him at the helm. It’s been THREE YEARS. And he still can’t get it together. What a joke.

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