Time to hurt some feelings.

Two games in and the franchise has been sacked 9 times and hit 17 times. If Pollack is the "hard ass" that everyone talks about, jobs and asses need to be on the line. There needs to be a sense of urgency to both protect Joe and to put every dancing bear oof on notice if they continue to whiff and make bonehead plays-hit the street.

Try outs on Tuesday.

What does Russell Okung look like?

Austin Reiter?

Rick Wagner?

Mitchell Schwartz?

Richard Sherman?

I just saw Nick Mangold in a Bud Light commercial, what’s he up to?

No possible way these guys could be worse than what we’ve seen. Hoping these bums are gonna get "coached up" and magically get better is wasting time, money, and the season. If Burrow suffers another injury that is even close to being on par with last years, I fully support and expect him to sit out or demand a trade. He’s not an idiot, he won’t allow this family grocery store ownership group to ruin his career.

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