Mike Brown and family

Mike Brown told Joe Burrow he wanted to win Super Bowls too when they drafted Burrow. This was in response to Burrow saying he wanted to win Super Bowls in Cincinnati. Mike Brown and family are letting Joe Burrow down and the fan base down once again !! These offensive lineman are not talented enough to win in the NFL and that was a proven fact before the draft and free agency before the season. So the Bengals DID NOT address the offensive line in a serious manner and Burrow probably will not survive the season again !!! Burrow did have a bad day on Sunday but that does not excuse the Terrible product that the Bengals ownership has put on the field on the offensive line !! How hard is it to address something after several years of failure !!!!Yea, only one loss right ? It's been one loss after the other for several seasons now.. Who is gonna pay hundreds of dollars to attend a game when you know that we can't beat good teams and only average teams rarely !!! Good seats cost most people a weekly check on the job !! Does the Brown family even think about these things ? Comments ?

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