Building the Trenches

It's becoming rather obvious we didn't do enough in the off-season to address the Offensive Line. In addition, its been clear we haven't been too good at assessing Offensive Line talent in college and making good selections in the draft. Maybe that changes with Pollack? And maybe that is difficult for every team, but we seem to be especially bad at it. What we appear to be good at, however, is drafting good skilled position players and DB's.

I am not sure if this method would work in the long run as far as cap space goes or in general, so feel free to call me out. But what if we focused our drafting efforts on skilled position players and focused our free agency spending on the Trenches? Seems like that has worked pretty well for our Defense this year. Of course we also spent on DBs too.

It just seems to make more sense to let Lineman develop and then sign them in FA instead of spending so much draft capital on offensive lineman when they rarely turn out to be that good. I suppose the most obvious issue with this is most teams are going to keep signing their offensive linemen and not let them hit free agency. But if we focus our free agent money exclusively on the trenches and stick to the draft for all other positions we might have a formula for success.


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