We obviously start every year hoping to win a Super Bowl, but 31 out of 32 teams fail to do that, and odds are this will not be the year to do that unless some drastic changes are made ASAP. So I'd like to propose some other goals, starting with some more basic (hopefully obtainable) goals, leading up to a Super Bowl win goal. Any you'd like to add?

Goal #1: Have Joe Burrow end the season healthy (it would be nice if Joe could go into an off season healthy and not recovering from a serious injury OR training remotely due to a pandemic.). This one could prove to be more difficult than winning a Super Bowl if the O-Line can't protect any better.

Goal #2: Win at least 6 games (keeping on the trend of the past 2 seasons, if we add 2 wins more each season, this would get us from 2, to 4, to 6)

Goal #3: Have a winning record (with the 17 game season, that means no more .500 that would be at least 9 wins)

Goal #4: Win enough games to get to the playoffs.

Goal #5: Win a playoff game.

Goal #6: Win the Super Bowl (If we can win a playoff game, then I don't want to mess around with goals like "Win a Divisional Round playoff game" or "win the AFC Championship"...if we are able to win a playoff game then, in my mind, winning a Super Bowl is the next logical goal. (not that I'd be upset with a divisional or afc championship win...just saying).

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