Okay Bengal Prognosticators

You have your 53 man roster, your 16 man Practice Squad, you know who is injured and who isn't and you know the schedule we face. Monday officially starts week 1 of the regular season and it is time to see who is good at predicting records and any hot takes you might want to throw out there as we wait out the last few days until "real" football.

I think this team is going to show much better than any other of Zac Taylors teams have, I believe this is a .500 team but since there is no longer a .500 season available i will say depending on good fortunes or bad luck that this team finishes anywhere between 7-10 and 10-7.

Offensively, I like starting the veterans early while Burrow continues to get stronger and working the talented youngsters in as they are ready. If we can keep the Joe's (Mixon and Burrow) healthy i think this group is easily a top 10-12 unit and with McPherson looking like a real weapon at kicker I think this team could get to the top 10 in points per game.

Defensively, I think we see a real improvement this year and the unit vaults into the top 20 overall in yards and points per game. I like the young group and can't wait to see them all out there together and this should be the best Defensive unit since the Mike Zimmer years. The secondary is loaded with talented players and the pass rushers looked much improved so far.

As far any kind of Bold prediction goes, I am generally not good at these, but here it goes, I think Burrow, Mixon and Higgins can all set single season Bengals yardage records this year if they stay healthy and play in all 17 games. (is that bold enough) ok all hope you have some fun with this and hopefully there is a packed house full of Bengal fans next Sunday for the home opener, WHO DEY all!!

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