The One(s) That Got Away Pt 2-Wasted Potential Addition

A few weeks back I posted about "The One That Got Away" in regards to players whose jerseys we bought, but they ended up not being long for the team after purchase. This post is for the players you thought could of been the next great (heck been good) thing if given a true chance throughout the years. We always have our pre-season darlings, but who was a player you truly thought could go on to do big things if given the chance? I’ll start with mine…Jake Dolegala…JK JK! CMC if you are reading this we already know it’s ol Dungey ;)

For me it was years back but Kyries Herbert if any of you remember him. I remember his last pre-season with us, but he was killing it and had some athletic interceptions only to be cut. Always liked him and thought he had some talent but never amounted to what I thought he could be.

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