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Adam Jones reveals he adopted Chris Henry’s sons

Jones and Henry’s friendship began at West Virginia, and their connection has continued long after Henry’s passing.

Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It’s been nearly 12 years since Chris Henry passed away. The former Cincinnati Bengals receiver is remembered fondly in the NFL community, but Henry was more than just a player. He was also a father to two young boys and one girl.

In an interview with Shannon Sharpe, former Bengals cornerback Adam Jones said he has adopted both of Henry’s sons earlier this year.

Henry and Jones both played for the Bengals, but never together. Jones joined the team just months after Henry’s tragic death in December of 2009. They were teammates in college, though, as both played for West Virginia before being drafted into the NFL in 2005.

Their days together in Morgantown is where they became great friends. Jones’ career was reborn after Henry’s passing, but he never stopped caring for the family his friend left behind. In cooperation with Loleini Tonga, the mother of Henry’s children and his fiancée at the time, Jones has had a hand in raising Henry’s boys and is now their adopted father.

“Everyone know me and Chris was best friends in college,” Jones said. “I’m still close with his whole entire family. I’m still close with Loleini... we’re inseparable. We’ve been working on this for three-[to]-four years, and we finally got it done like six, seven months ago.”

Jones’ life has been filled with highs and lows since he first stepped onto the NFL scene, but this is undoubtedly a commendable move on his part. Jones is also the father of three kids of his own, so officially having a hand in raising the kids of his close friend is nothing short of remarkable.

“For me, it’s heartwarming, because I know my man up there is sitting up there smiling like ‘man I really appreciate you man.’”