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Derek Carr and Raiders have struggled in cold weather games

Zac Taylor doesn’t think the cold weather is a disadvantage for the Bengals, but it looks like it will be for the Raiders.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Las Vegas Raiders Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If you are planning on going to the game this Saturday, you better bundle up.

The high is 32 degrees and a 50% chance of snow. Needless to say the Cincinnati Bengals having a chance to practice outside in the cold is pretty nice leading up to the game.

The Las Vegas Raiders — more specifically quarterback Derek Carr — probably isn’t loving that forecast as history isn’t on his side in cold weather games.

Carr has spent most of his football career in either Texas or California. Now he lives in a desert. Normally, you would take that with a grain of salt as that narrative usually doesn’t translate to the field. Obviously in Carr’s case there is a nice sample size to pull from.

If the Raiders are forced to rely more heavily on their running game, that plays pretty well into the Bengals defense. Last time these teams met Las Vegas running backs were held to 60 yards on 14 carries with an 18 yard carry coming on one play. Meanwhile, Joe Mixon had 123 yards on 30 carries.

There is still a reason they play the game and trends are made to be broken. However, it does seem somewhat advantageous for the Bengals to have such a noticeable edge due to the weather. We will see how it plays out this weekend.