"Winning Makes Believers Of Us All"

Looking for a little help from the Bengal community on this inspirational quote.

I saw this as part of the Bengal's latest hype video. This quote resonated with me, a Bengal fan from the early 80's. While I've seen two Super Bowl appearances, the 90's were terrible, and like most of you, the last decade plus has had the feel of never being close enough to be real winners. Like the rug was going to be pulled out from under us even if we made the playoffs.

But Joe Burrow has revitalized my enthusiasm for this team and this community of fans. The Cincy Jungle has been a haven for optimism (and more than our share of realism...). And I think we'd all like to give each other a hardy virtual hug and handshake over this year's success.

But I'm also hoping to share this new belief and vision of the Bengals with others, so I'm hoping someone in our circle might have a pic or graphic that could be posted on this thread of the Bengal's "Winning Makes Believers Of Us All" quote. If you can help out, many thanks in advance. If not, thanks for listening and keep up the faithful fandom!

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