Quick Couple Questions/comments for the CJ Fans

I love the CJ site. I have been reading CJ for @7 years but only when I wanted to post something a few years back did i actually join. There are many characters on this site that have forgot more then i will ever know about the Bengals. Im an old timer, been a Bengals fan since the beginning. CJ let me know Im not the only Bengals fan outside of Cincinnati. :)

#1) Who is our rival? I have always thought it was the Browns for obvious reasons.. can you change your rival?

#2) If the center is the QB of the OL why is he paid the least?

#3) I keep seeing a strip of clothe that looks like a flag in flag football on 2nddary def players is that just a towel?

#4) is Jonna Williams worth paying big money when his 2nd contract comes up?

#5) why hasn't CincyJungle ever had a working up to date Bengals roster/depth chart like any other football site... or is it some type of legal thing?

#6) is there a way to post a pic on here? i wanted to show my Vegas betting ticket from last August

#7) why isn't a QB spike intentional grounding?


1) DJ Reader! Fk Yea!

2) coining the term .... Bengals Messiah = Joe Burrow

3) have really appreciated the discipline of ZT and the absence of game killing penalties

4) Tyler Boyd is a gamer and a true "Cincinnati Bengals" WR simular to Ocho or Collinsworth, happy to be here

5) does JoeyB under throw the ball often, especially to chase or is it intentional

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