Final thoughts on the game including inadvertent whistle.

Let's discuss the whistle first, this didn't make or break the game and Raiders fans can complain all they want but Boyd was just that open. How many games have we watched every single week multiple times a game where the ball hits the ground in some fashion and whistles are blown and players are jumping on the ball and taking off running it 50 yards down field?? Happens every week and I'm sitting there going the whistle blew 20 seconds ago and you're fighting over a ball that was ruled incomplete. Meanwhile they want to sit here and say the whistle caused it, really?? It blew with the ball 2 feet from Boyd's hands, so I don't for a second believe the whistle effected this play. What happened was the CB for the Raiders was looking at Burrow running lost track of Boyd and thought Burrow ran out of bounds guy didn't complain about a whistle. I get the rule and inadvertent whistle but it was blown so late it was the Raiders that messed up. Besides had the play been replayed nothing that says we don't still score.

The timeout given to the Raiders came right as the snap was going on which NO WAY was the official paying attention to the Corner as he would've been looking down the line. Obviously the roughing the passer call was absolute CRAP and along with stopping the clock gave Raiders an additional 15 yards.

Finally the 31 year drought is over but the injuries occurred during the game could really hurt come round 2. Although a guy like Tyler Shelvin could pay dividends against the Titans. Congrats to WHO-DEY nation how strange is it that we broke the Bo curse against the Raiders and now we could possibly be playing the last team we beat in the playoffs 31 years ago, Oilers/Titans??

SideNote---I've made reference that this off-season we should part with Trae Waynes and save money and I've had some on here saying he's affordable and let's see what happens in the playoffs. As I think back on the game I was left wondering did Waynes even play?? I didn't see him on the inactive list.

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