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Celebrate Cincinnati’s magical Super Bowl run with this BreakingT attire

Kings of the Jungle baby!

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You didn’t think the fun was over, did you?

With Super Bowl LVI on the horizon, BreakingT just dropped a pair of beauties:

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This has been nothing short of a magical run for the Cincinnati Bengals, and one we’ll be celebrating like there’s no tomorrow as they head to Super Bowl 56!

If you’re looking to celebrate with some new Bengals swag following their thrilling win over the Kansas City Chiefs, BreakingT just dropped several new Bengals shirts/hoodies.


Following the Cincinnati Bengals’ historic win over the Tennessee Titans — the first road playoff win in franchise history — BreakingT has dropped some fresh Bengals swag to celebrate this thrilling playoff run with.

What a time to be a Cincinnati Bengals fan, especially over the last month.

Between the Bengals’ throttling of the Ravens, the AFC North-clinching win over the Chiefs, and Saturday’s Wild Card win over the Raiders, times haven’t been this good in the Queen City for quite some time.

Now, thanks to the latest offerings from BreakingT, you’ve got plenty of ways to celebrate the good times.

By now, you know the Bengals hadn’t won a playoff game since 1991. That was before text messaging was invented, so BreakingT unveiled their ‘Send That Text’ swag.

Of course there’s the ‘I Survived The Drought’ swag for the loyal fans who’ve stuck with this team through a lot of frustration and heartbreak since 1991.

Then you’ve got the 8-bit Joe Burrow shirt, a callback to when we still only had 8-bit video games. These clothes also have hoodie, youth t-shirt and woman v-neck options.

BreakingT also debuted a ‘Rule The North’ mug in case you’re wanting some Bengals-themed kitchenware.

Finally, there’s ‘Why Not Us,’ because why can’t these Bengals make a Super Bowl run?

Go here to get yours now!