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How current and former Bengals have greatly impacted their communities

A lot of folks associated with the Bengals are doing some great community work. We provide a rundown of information and how fans can get involved.

While we’re all caught up in the whirlwind that is a playoff season by the Cincinnati Bengals, it’s unfortunately easy to overlook many of the other great things players are doing off of the football field.

Be it current stars or past greats, Bengals players are impacting the community in very big ways.

Here are some of the foundations and endeavors in which Bengals players have created and/or are engaged. Please click the links and support them how you are able.

Former Bengals Players’ Charities

The Anthony Munoz Foundation

The best offensive lineman in NFL history didn’t hang it up after being done with football. For quite some time, The Anthony Munoz Foundation continues to have a major impact in the greater Cincinnati area, benefitting tens of thousands of local youth.

We’ve been pleased to both hear about and support Mr. Munoz’s charity over the years in speaking with him.

Ken Anderson Alliance

KAA allows professional and personal development opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. Folks with diagnoses ranging from Down syndrome to autism, The Ken Anderson Alliance will provide a quality of life that enables adults with developmental disabilities to develop and sustain lifelong relationships, independence and self esteem while contributing to the larger community.

We’ve been privileged to speak with Mr. Anderson a number of times over the years and raise funds for this great cause. A great player for the Bengals, continues to prove to be an even better man leading an incredible cause.

The Ken Riley Foundation

One of the NFL’s consummate “good guys”, Ken Riley Sr. started a foundation to allow underprivileged kids in the Florida area access to financial assistance to achieve their academic dreams. Sadly, Riley Sr. passed away in June of 2020, but his amazing family continues to carry the torch for him.

We spoke with Ken Riley II shortly after the Bengals’ Ring of Honor was unveiled and he told us about the great work the foundation continues to spearhead.

The Boomer Esiason Foundation Fighting Cystic Fibrosis

The former Bengals great has a son, Gunnar, who was born with this disease. Since learning of the diagnosis, Boomer has made it his mission to bring awareness and support to others fighting cystic fibrosis.

The Jovante Woods Foundation

Sadly, one of the most iconic Bengals players lost his beloved son, Jovante, to a severe asthma attack. Jovante Woods was just 16 years old and his family made it their mission to raise awareness and fund resources so that other families would not suffer the same loss.

We chatted with this week’s “Ruler of the Jungle” back in 2020, and he spoke on how much he wants this charity to have a major impact.

Dhani Jones’ BowTie Foundation

The BowTie Foundation is a charitable and educational organization which fosters the personal development of underprivileged youth through different outreach programs and grants.

In the spring of 2020, we had the opportunity to speak with the Bengals’ version of “The Most Interesting Man in the World”. Jones talked about how he’s still helping a number of youngsters with this great vision.

Cris Collinsworth Pro Scan Fund

The former receiving standout and current Sunday Night Football color commentator started a great cause to help prevent cancer with early screenings. The main focus is that of breast cancer, as the Pro Scan Fund provides education, support, screenings and free mammograms to the community.

Andrew Whitworth Big Whit 77 Foundation

Whether it was during his 11-year career with the Bengals or the following five years he’s spent with the Rams, Andrew Whitworth has always found a way to make a big impact in his community, which you can read more about here thanks to our friends at Turf Show Times.

Current Bengals Players’ Charities

Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund

Ever since the franchise quarterback came to the Bengals, he wanted to tap the roots of his native state. Giving back to Ohio, Burrow has championed the idea of one of the simplest and most necessary giving initiatives: feeding the needy and hungry.

The Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund is designed to make a difference in food insecurity across Southeast Ohio for generations to come. Many players and fans have rallied to this cause, and they are always in need of continued assistance.

The Sam Hubbard Foundation

The Sam Hubbard Foundation is helping the people of Ohio combat hunger by providing vulnerable children and families with educational, medical, and athletic resources. Like Burrow, Hubbard is local native and is passionate about giving back in a similar regard.

While partnering with Pepsi, Hubbard has helped his foundation and various mega-fans of the Cincinnati Bengals. We’ve caught up with him on a number of occasions on our Orange and Black Insider podcast to this end, and hope the great support of his charity continues.

Kevin Huber’s Foundation for Underserved Rescues

Kevin Huber’s Foundation for Underserved Rescues aims to provide resources and support to Cincinnati area animal rescues who save animals from potentially negative outcomes. He and his wife, Mindi, continue to be a voice for our furry friends who need great advocates.

Players’ Other Recent Involvements

Joe Mixon working with Strikes For Kids

The Bengals’ star running back has made a habit of working with Strikes for Kids in a number of ways. To kick off the 2021 holiday season, Mixon hosted 28 underprivileged children and gifted them with new bicycles.

Mixon and Strikes for Kids also provided a day of pizza and bowling for these children. A great initiative from the Pro Bowl back, who has engrained himself in the community since his 2017 arrival.

C.J. Uzomah’s 2021 “My Cause, My Cleats”

In honor of his former Auburn University teammate, Philip Lutzenkirchen, the affable Bengals tight end had custom cleats to honor his deceased friend. Lutzenkirchen was killed as a passenger in a vehicle with distracted and impaired driving as the cause of his untimely death.

Devon Still’s partnership with United Therapeutics Oncology

Most Bengals fans know of the gut-wrenching story of Leah Still, daughter of Devon, and her plight with childhood cancer. She beat the disease, and now, both she and her dad are championing various initiatives to aid other families facing this tough road.

In the fall of 2021, Still teamed up with United Therapeutics Oncology to help families navigate such uncertain terrain. We caught up with the Stills for this great endeavor.

Check out for more ways the team is helping out in the community.