Just Feels Different

Finally a playoff win. Twice during the Marvin Lewis error I thought the Bengals should have beaten the Steelers. The first went awry with the Palmer knee injury. The 2nd with the unexplicable penalty implosions by Burfict and company.

This team just feels different.

1. POISE. Nothing seems to rattle this team. Call it some key veterans. Call it Joe Burrow but it doesnt seem like this team is ever completely out of it. We see rookie mistakes and yes the offensive line still gets manhandled but they seem more like speed bumps now.

2. POISE. This team is one of the most least penalized in the league and it was a reason we won and the Raiders lost. Saturday. No Burfict blowups, no 15 yard penalties with game on line.

I like what I see from this team. I hope the DL injuries dont derail us or the for the matter I hope the right side of the OL doesnt get Burrow taken out. Wishing for another victory this weekend. Whodey!

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