It's never too early to improve

First off, congrats to the Bengals and all of the fans! Well deserved. We have plenty to look forward to this weekend, but like any business your always looking to improve. I want to propose a free agent that we absolutely need to go after. It's Jason Kelce, center for the Eagles who is a free agent. He is a perennial bowler and is 31yrs old. He still has a little left in the tank at a high level. Let's face it, Hopkins is a great comeback story, but we HAVE to get better up the middle to protect Joe and take this to the next level. Kelce is a phenomenal leader and would anchor the O Line. It would give Joe a great battery to help with alignments with the young O Line. He's a hometown guy who went to UC and who grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. This just makes too much sense to me. Today we cut Filo, that's an add'l $3mil, plus we're going to have a bunch of $ to spend. Please let me know if you think this makes sense, because I want to make sure the front office looks at this as a no brainer.


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