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Bengals fan saved the life of a Raiders fan at Paul Brown Stadium on Saturday

ER nurse and Bengals’ fan Jerry Mills saved the life of a Raiders’ fan on Saturday.

Syndication: The Enquirer Albert Cesare / The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

Some things are bigger than football, and Jerry Mills showed that on Saturday.

Mills is an ER nurse in Dallas and a Cincinnati Bengals fan, and as all the Bengals fans in or around Paul Brown Stadium on Saturday, he wasn’t rooting for the Las Vegas Raiders as Cincinnati was aiming for their first playoff win in 31 years.

However, when Mills saw someone down outside of PBS before kickoff, he saved his life.

“I look at him and, “I’m like, ‘that doesn’t look like a seizure activity.’ I look for a pulse, he didn’t have a pulse, and I was like, ‘I’m going to start CPR right now…I’m sitting there telling him, ‘I’m not losing you today.’ And so, the other nurse was helping and two minutes later, he got a pulse,” Mills said via WLWT’s Karin Johnson.

The man Mills saved is Ed Fernandes, a Raiders fan that also made the trip down to PBS.

“I believe God put me there for a reason so that man could have another day of living,” Mills said.

One of the craziest parts is that Mills was able to get a pulse, notes that he lost it, and was able to regain a pulse for Fernandes. Fernandes is reportedly still at UC Medical Center and was scheduled to have surgery on Thursday for the blockages in his heart.